Scratch cards online

Scratch cards are an instant online lottery game that can act as a standalone slot or be part of an integrated bonus round on other machines. The rules are simple, and the results are instant. It determines the relentless interest in scratch cards.

Several online gaming rooms, including Australia PokerStars, provide different types of scratch cards lottery, where gamers can try their luck at instant winnings.

Classic rules and card types

When playing scratch cards, the player gets a ticket with several fields. Then, under the virtual overlay, the gamer erases the top layer by clicking and trying to collect 3 or more of the same image in a single line. If this happens, winnings are awarded immediately according to the paytable and odds of each symbol.

Several scratch variations are popular:

  • with more squares and symbols (30+ squares), not 3 characters but whole rows are collected;
  • with specific winning symbols – it is necessary to find not only the same characters (they can be present in the paytable in parallel) but also a combination or one special symbol;
  • using the wild symbol, which completes the winning combination;
  • with the use of scatter symbols and bonus rounds (wheel of fortune, free spins);
  • scratch rounds built into the gameplay, found in online poker and modern video slots.

Use the free demo version to find the most exciting and suitable scratch cards. Today they are offered by Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt and other well-known providers.

How to get a win in the scratch lottery

Online gamers will increase their chances of winning if they:

  • will find a legal casino and follow its conditions for the withdrawal of winnings – wagering bonuses, wagering the amount of the previous deposit, mandatory verification of personal data;
  • control the amount of money spent and the amount of time in the game;
  • track prize combinations according to slot volatility and RTP.

There are no strategies in scratch cards; the MSG sets the symbols and are not subject to mathematical calculation. Play for fun, not winnings.