Online French Roulette

French Roulette is an elitist pastime that has retained its status for over a century. The game has survived in land-based casinos and has spread online due to its prestige and clear, simple rules.

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Talking about the game’s peculiarities, the first difference that the gamer will see is the use of French on the symmetrical layout. Unfortunately, not everyone speaks it, so the main designations are displayed in the rules and fixed in the payout table.

There are 37 numbers on the wheel in sectors — including 0 to 36. The player must choose a bet option (or a combination of bets) before the ball is triggered if the machine allows it.

Key bets:

  • Plein — the specific number on which the ball will drop. The most profitable bet and pays as 35/1;
  • Cheval — two adjacent numbers (17/1);
  • Transversale pleine — a bet on 3 consecutive numbers (11/1);
  • Carré — 4 digits standing side by side (8/1).

You can also bet on a range of odd and even, big and small numbers, red and black.

French Roulette is considered to be the most lucrative option in the game. The casino has a minimum advantage of 2.7%, and some rules increase gamers’ odds:

  1. En Prison — if the ball hits a zero, the player’s previous bet is frozen, funds are saved. If the ball hits another number during the next spin, the money is returned to the player;
  2. La Partage — allows you to return half of your outside bet if the ball hits zero.

All of the rules apply to online roulette. To be free to use the benefits of French Roulette, you need to follow the conditions set by the casino:

  • registration only from 18 years old with further verification;
  • it is forbidden to have more than 1 account;
  • all bonuses must be wagered in full before you can withdraw your winnings;
  • all cheating is prohibited.

Play French Roulette on the casino’s official website or mobile version, have fun and remember to play responsibly.