Online European Roulette

European Roulette is a favourite pastime of online casino gamblers. During the drawing, gamers get an unforgettable experience, join the most popular game and can win a rich jackpot.

European Roulette online features

European Roulette is ubiquitous and differs from its American or French counterparts in several ways:

  1. There are 18 black and 18 red fields on the spinning wheel + an additional sector zero, usually green.
  2. The numbers are not sequential but in a specific order, which is fixed for all European variations of the game.
  3. Gameplay can be differently designed depending on the provider’s design, but the rules remain the same.
  4. Internal and external bets. Internal is Straight Up, Street, Split, Trio, Corner, First four, Sixline. External is Column, Dozen, Even chances, Even/Odd, Big/Small, Red/Black.

All bets are apparent, and the rules of the game are simple. However, before paying for a spin, you should study the description of the slot machine or the live table conditions so as not to make a mistake.

Both fiat and cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment. You can also use casino Mate bonus or gifts from other lobbies for betting.

Each win is described in the payout table, and each value is assigned a multiplier. It’s important to remember the casino’s advantage is still maintained and averages 2.7%.

How to play European Roulette

The principle of the game is simple — you need to guess in which sector the running ball will fall. Bets are taken before the start of the spin. A gamer can bet on a specific number, range of numbers, sector colour, even/odd or combine several bets in one.

To get a successful start, choose a licensed international casino with a good reputation, register and deposit the amount you are willing to spend on entertainment.

Choose whether to play slots or live roulette. The slots have a demo version where you can try roulette without any money. If you’re sure you’re ready to bet:

  • Run the game for money;
  • Decide which outside or inside bet you want to make;
  • Confirm your bet;
  • Start your spins.

If the bet wins, you’ll receive the bet amount x the coefficient of the number rolled.

European Roulette online is fantastic for newcomers to online table games. However, its simple rules and betting options will also appeal to experienced players.