Low Variance Slots

You’d like to know how quickly and what percentage of your payout you can win online slots. Unfortunately, the answer to that question doesn’t make sense because winnings are dependent on a random number generator and are not predictable. However, an objective indicator will allow you to predict the game’s development—this variance of the slot.

What is low variance slots

Variance measures how often and how much a player will win at each slot. Conversely, low variance means that the gambler will often receive small amounts during the game. 

This option is ideal for players who value control over their bankroll and the ability to analyse the results of their spins. 

If you are a novice gamer or use/win off bonuses, you need a slot with low volatility.

It’s essential to remember minimal variance doesn’t mean you can’t lose. On the contrary, there is a high probability of going a long way in the game and accumulating high winnings — and losing them. So don’t risk all of your winnings, and don’t go all-in.

How to determine the variance of a slot machine

Manufacturers or online casinos rarely indicate such figures in-game descriptions or rules. Instead, you can read the reviews of experienced players or professional reviews of slots Villa casino or other lobbies and estimate the frequency of winning in the demo version of the slot machine.

Another trick identified by experienced players. Go to the payout table and look at the multipliers of winning combinations:

  • low variance — multipliers not exceeding x5,000;
  • medium — multipliers within x5,000 to x10,000;
  • high — multipliers above x10,000.

Low volatility is most often found in slots — card games. However, these can be online machines such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps and their variations.

Video slots include Starburst, Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, Safari and Fruit Zen.

When strategising your winnings or selecting the best recreational option within a set budget, keep the variance level in mind. You’ll need to bet average amounts for a long time for big winnings.