How to play keno online

Keno is one of the most accessible lottery games at online casinos. Slots and live rooms make it easy to bet real money, play for free or bonuses, and withdraw your winnings quickly.

What is keno?

The objective of keno players is to use a special card to select as many numbers as possible to line up with randomly generated balls. The number of balls provided is 80, with 20 drawn, and the more digits the gamer guesses, the higher their winnings in Fair Go online casino Australia or other international lobby.

Before the game starts, it is essential to specify the number of numbers the player has marked and the betting amount.

A random number generator algorithm controls the ball drop, which is difficult to predict. However, casino customers can use the slot statistics to display which numbers have fallen out more often than others. But even this approach will not give a 100% result; the order of falling out may change at any second.

The order of play and payout keno

Depending on the provider, the gameplay and control panel may vary, but the essential elements remain the same:

  1. The player starts the game and is presented with a table with 80 numbers on the screen.
  2. With a simple click, the gamer selects 20 numbers.
  3. It starts the balls falling out.
  4. The balls fall on the table, and the matching numbers are highlighted.
  5. The winnings are awarded according to the formula: bet amount x coefficient of the number of matching numbers. 
  6. The highest coefficient is up to x10,000, which a player gets for matching 15 numbers. For 14 numbers match — x2,500, 13 — x1,200, 12 — x600, etc. Minimum odds a player will receive for 6 numbers — x2, 5 numbers — x1, 3-4 — x0.5. 
  7. One and two numbers do not receive odds, but the player is not considered a loser.

Experienced keno players advise

Online casino regulars know how to make winning at keno more likely:

  • the casino’s advantage in keno slots is up to 29%; they are not the most lucrative;
  • collecting all 20 numbers is impossible; the probability of guessing 3-4 numbers is 25%, 5 numbers are 17.5%, and one or two numbers is 15%. The likelihood of matching more numbers is minimal;
  • current keno strategies are not statistically confirmed. The player needs to be prepared for unpredictable results.

With control of one’s bankroll and an easy-going attitude to the game, Australian gamers can enjoy keno and even earn a little money.