How to play craps

Craps is a game with two hexagonal dice; each side of the dice has dots marked with a number. The objective is to guess the winning number. The more accurate the bet, the more likely you will win at an online casino.

Craps rules

Get ready for your first rounds of keno and register with a reputable casino. Mate online casino, for example, accepts Australians and has many table games in its range. Once you’ve registered and made the necessary deposit, choose the right keno slot and study its rules carefully.

The game is played in 2 stages, in which certain types of bets are accepted:

  1. First, Come Out Roll — bet on any number except 2, 3, 7, 11 and 12.
  2. Pass Line bet — wins if there are 7 or 11 points.
  3. Don’t Pass a Line bet — win if the combination of 2, 3 or 12 points. The round goes on as long as the numbers on the edges appear. If any other number is struck, it becomes a Point, the game ends, and the 2nd round begins.
  4. Point Roll — Bets on 2, 3, 7, 11 and 12. It continues until 7 or the Point number is rolled on the hand. There are over 15 betting options, including long term bets and additional bets for each dice roll.

You can find the rules and odds for each bet in the INFO box and the payout table. 

Today there are many variations of the game — Open, Simplified, New York, Las Vegas — with their unique features. If you’re not sure you understand the rules exactly, try them out for free. The demo version of Keno slots does not take real money bets and does not pay out real winnings but will help newcomers orient themselves in the game.

How to win at craps

The first point is the credibility of the casino. Then, you should implement the knowledge of the rules and controls of a particular slot. Also, use

  • bankroll management and understanding of the volatility of the machine;
  • the possibility of insurance — place chips on the fields with the opposite value;
  • general statistics of combinations are more relevant than the data directly on the nearest fallout in the slot.

Although Craps is not the most lucrative pastime compared to other slot machines, it can help you have fun and sharpen your analytical skills.