How To Play Baccarat

Baccarat is an ancient card game that made its way from land-based casinos to the online space and is spreading to all gaming clubs. Today, it has thousands of fans, exploring new variations, strategising, and aiming to win large jackpots.

Getting ready to play

Australian gamers need to be especially careful to choose a gaming platform to validate its license and provide certified slots. For example, play baccarat at PokerStars real money Australia if you want quality service, fast withdrawals and security.

  1. Sign up in the lobby and fill out your profile.
  2. Top up your account.
  3. Choose an exciting slot machine or live tables.
  4. Watch the game live or run the slot in the demo version to get familiar with the rules, payout table and gameplay features.
  5. Once the rules are clear, you can play for real money.

Being prepared and following the casino rules will allow you to withdraw your winnings and follow responsible gaming principles successfully.

Baccarat features and rules

The game uses 8 decks; the croupier or the RNG algorithm carries out the distribution. Therefore, the player must get 2-3 cards with a total value of 9 or 8.

Each deck card has a value ranging from a deuce to a nine, and an ace will earn 1 point; the remaining cards do not participate in the calculation of points.

If the player collects all the cards and gets more than 9 points, 10 points are subtracted, and the overshoot is levelled.

If the gamer has less than 6 points, he may draw a third card. The dealer takes a card depending on the number of points in his cards and his opponent’s previous behaviour. Carefully read the rules for the dealer in the slot description to understand the benefits of the third card and how your play behaviour can change the game.

The bets taken are:

  • punto — the gamer wins;
  • banco — a win for the dealer;
  • draw.

The most favourable bet statistically is banco. It has a casino advantage of just 1.05%, a punto advantage of 1.25% and a draw advantage of 15%.

A few tips:

  • look for hands with the smallest number of decks; 
  • don’t bet on the same type of hand;
  • be prepared for low volatility;
  • control your bankroll.

Play according to online casino rules and understand baccarat hand principles to increase your chances of winning.