Casino Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are part of the rewards system that rewards active casino users. The gaming platform uses loyalty points to monitor your progress and grant you new VIP levels and rewards.

How to earn your first loyalty points

The loyalty programs of gaming platforms can be divided into 2 categories:

  • automatic — right after registration, the player gets to the zero / first level and already from the first game begins to accumulate points;
  • by invitation — a player registers, makes deposits and bets, and according to his activity and betting volumes, the casino decides to invite the user to the VIP club.

Most lobbies use the automatic system. As a result, it is easier to earn points. Sometimes after you sign up, the casino may award up to 100 points as a bonus, which will push you to the next level.

Why do we need loyalty points?

It’s up to each player to decide whether or not to participate in the loyalty program. If the gifts, exclusive tournaments and personal support are not crucial to you, you can skip the points. If, however, you want increased checks, unique bonuses and gifts for reaching new levels, such as cash and free spins, be sure to track your success with the VIP promotion.

Gaming rooms introduce different numbers of levels. The more there are, the more gifts a player can get. For example, Roo casino login Australia allows you to move up to 3 steps (bronze, silver, gold), other lounges introduce up to 6 — 10 grades.

The bigger the step, the more high-limit bets you have to make. However, the rewards are well worth it.

How to earn and use loyalty points

Each loyalty programme level is linked to a certain amount of loyalty points. To earn enough points, you will need to play various slots at regular intervals. The more and higher the bet, the faster the points are awarded.

Points are used in different ways:

  • some casinos offer to convert points into currency and play for real money;
  • others introduce points only as an indicator of reaching a new level.

Depending on the platform chosen, the player:

  • exchanges the points at the casino’s exchange rate into domestic currency (euros or dollars) and then plays with them;
  • on the accumulation of the number of points goes to the next level. You get VIP support, reduced bonus wagers, high cashback and free spins.

Choose the loyalty programme that best suits you and your gambling strategy so that it’s hassle-free but with excellent bonuses.